Lawn Greetings Austin

Skip the Card, Put it in the Yard!

About Us

Beautiful Things

All products were custom made just for Lawn Greetings Austin. We can piece together any vision you desire from Happy Birthday, to Happy Anniversary Dan, and Michelle 24 YEARS! If you can dream it, we can build it. Would you like something we don't have? Let us know, and we will make a custom sign for you to keep. (Additional Fees may apply)


Style & Quality

All of the signs used were made out of top of the line corrugated plastic with heavy duty yard stakes. Even though they are good and strong, they are not indestructible, please be gentle around your lawn greeting.


100% Custom 

Lawn Greetings Austin, a locally owned business, prides ourselves in being able to make our product special to you. 

If we don't stock a product you want, we guarantee to have it printed for your special event (please allow 1-2weeks for processing) (additional fees may apply)
We offer our "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" phrase in a beautiful pink, vibrant blue, a dynamic chevron, and BOLD black.

Not sure what exactly you want today? Go to our greeting ideas page for a multitude of different greeting options that will fit any occasion.


How it works:

1. Go to our "Shop" page.        

2. Select your greeting    

3. Give detailed information of when and where you want the greeting installed.  

4. We install the night before scheduled event.    

 5. We pick it up 24 hours later